Auto Windscreens Managing Director Discusses New Locations, Growing Business
June 13, 2011

Nigel Davies

United Kingdom-based Auto Windscreens, which is now part of Trifords Ltd., plans to add two new locations this summer, and to announce a major insurer contract under the new ownership within the coming weeks, according to managing director Nigel Davies.

"We have 21 locations at the moment, but we're projecting in July we'll be moving to Belfast in Northern Ireland and to Maidstone in Kent," Davies told™/AGRR magazine during an exclusive interview last week.

With regard to insurance contracts, Davies said a major announcement is on the way.

"We have billing arrangements with the vast majority of motor insurers, and day by day are moving through to a preferred supplier status," he said. "We're quite close to announcing our first significant appointment in the next two to three weeks, which would make a major impact on our business levels."

Auto Windscreens was placed into administration in early February, and that same month Trifords Ltd., which is part of an insurance group, Markerstudy, purchased the company's brand and some of its assets. Davies, who previously served as sales and marketing director for the company, says the transition has been both smooth and positive for the company's current staff of approximately 250.

"The positive ... is that our service level has to be at very high standards, because obviously we carry out work for Markerstudy itself," says Davies. "The joy for myself is that Kevin Spencer, who serves as the chief executive officer for Markerstudy, has allowed me to run the business on a professional basis as [I] see fit."

Davies also offered a simple tip for glass shops across the world, having endured the administration process—and the revival of the brand under new ownership.

"From our perspective, it's just ensuring that the needs of the customer always come first," says Davies.

Look to the July/August issue of AGRR™ magazine for the full interview with Davies.

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