Wes Toping and his fiancee, Kathryn.

Love in the Air …. And Sea … in Atlanta

Even though it's mid-September, it seemed a bit like Spring as love was everywhere by land and sea in Atlanta, the site of this year's GlassBuild America show.

Wes Topping of Elite Auto Glass (now owned by Belron) introduced his fiancée, Kathryn, to the glass industry. The couple is to be married next month on October 27.

They and other couples in the industry will surely look to the example of mirror-mastic mavens, the Palmer-Balls of Palmer Mirro-Mastic. Helen and Shirley Palmer-Ball celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary on the first day of the how. "I came to Atlanta this year to be with Shirley on our anniversary," said Helen Palmer-Ball, "we went out to dinner."

Shirley and Helen Palmer-Ball.

In addition to all the weddings, some attendees actually made it to the honeymoon. Attendees at TGP's cocktail reception at the Atlanta Aquarium were left speechless by the activities of some very amorous beluga whales. "Seeing two Beluga whales mate was not something I never expected to see in my life," said one attendee, "let alone during a glass show."

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