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Auto Glass Shops Endure Iowa Floods

In the wake of the ongoing floods in the Midwest, particularly in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, auto glass shops are enduring the rain and floods—and are awaiting a return to normalcy, though many are unsure when that will be.

Right now, transportation is one of the biggest issues in the area.

"I haven't [been affected] myself, other than just the ability to get glass," says Glenn Healey of NOVUS in Cedar Rapids. "We were kind of an island for a little while, but all the roads have opened up."

Forman Ford Glass currently is closed, but according to branch manager Chris Barry, they expected to re-open shortly.

"Our business is closed right now while we wait for them to check the building to make sure it's okay to go back in," says Barry. "I think we took about 12 or 18 inches of water, but there's no glass breakage in our building."

Currently, city officials are checking his business-and others-for gas leaks.

While weather issues like this sometimes lead to a boon in business for glass shops, unfortunately, this is not the case with the flood-due to its enormity.

"People have more problems than broken windshields," says Healy. He added that many of the vehicles that did sustain damage were completely ruined.

Another glass shop representative, who preferred to remain anonymous, expects a slowdown in business to result from the floods.

"With us, if anything, business many slow down for awhile because of the economy, with people losing their homes and a lot of people losing their jobs," she says. "That's what we expect in the short term, at least."

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