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Belron US's Harrison Expresses Concern over DOT 430 Recall

Rich Harrison, chief operating officer of Belron US, said yesterday in Tucson the officials at Belron US are still concerned over the recent recall of DOT 430 products-and the fact that the products were sold to companies besides Belron US. (CLICK HERE for related story.)

"We've recently proactively taken a step to recall certain products from DOT 430," said Harrison. "Our view and concern in the industry is that there's glass in the marketplace right now that came through the chain that hasn't been recalled."

Harrison served on a panel of four industry representatives to discuss "The State of the Industry Revisited" in Tucson.

Harrison also noted during his portion of the panel that his company has placed increased importance on technical excellence as vehicles have become more and more complex in recent years. Showing a slide of the XC60 Volvo, which has a glass roof and an active cruise control system that measures how close a vehicle is to others in traffic, along with the speed of the traffic, he said, "You can imagine if you screwed this piece of glass up."

He also mentioned the company's focus on customer service.

"We have quite a few associates answering phones across the United States who care as well," Harrison said with a laugh, in response to a comment by fellow panelist Cindy Rowe Auto Glass vice president and general manager Rodger Pickett, who noted that part of Cindy Rowe's identity is that the company "cares more than the national guy."

Pickett spoke about developing customer service sales representatives; Steve Mort, chief executive officer of Don's Mobile Glass spoke about employee recruitment and training; and John Webb, president of Deals Auto Glass Service Inc. spoke about diversifying an auto glass business.

In addition to this and several other panels, Jackie Newman of Redline Inc. in Austin, Texas, was honored yesterday in Tucson with the 2008 Len Stolk Award. The award is given annually by the National Glass Association to an auto glass industry representative in honor of Stolk, who was a manager of training for Carlite and passed away in the 1990s.

"I didn't have a speech ready, because I didn't know," said the surprised Newman upon her acceptance of the award, "but thank you."

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