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Belron US Technicians Featured in Radio Campaign

Columbus, Ohio-based Belron US is launching a new nationwide radio program featuring eight of its own technicians.

Chris Horne of Charlotte, N.C., is one of eight technicians who will be featured in Belron US's upcoming radio spots.

"Many customers are not aware that a windshield chip will eventually turn into a crack and that they should get it repaired right away," said Mark Placenti, vice president of marketing for Belron US. "Using our expert technicians, the direct link to our customers, to communicate this message helps us educate customers about windshield repair."

Placenti said Belron US' parent company, Belron SA, has used the employees in its advertising throughout 17 countries over four continents for many years and finds the authenticity to be successful with customers and building brand awareness with the public.

The technicians participating in the ad campaign and their home markets are as follows:

- Fernando Ortega - Phoenix;

- Jose Alvarez Roman - Jacksonville, Fla.;

- Kevin Farley - Queens, N.Y.;

- Chris Bennett - Hartford, Conn.;

- Chris Horne - Charlotte, N.C.;

- Tim Fox - Madison, Wis.;

- Nate Henkel - Orlando, Fla.; and

- Mark Jackson - Columbus, Ohio.

Twenty-five technicians originally auditioned for the radio spots.

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