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Belron US Spokesperson Issues Statement about Feeney's Comment about AGRSS

Belron US spokesperson Jenny Cain advised™/AGRR magazine today that company officials believe that its own training and certification program, "SafeTech, takes the [AGRSS] Standard as adopted to a higher level." Cain made this statement in response to a comment made last week at the Independent Glass Association's (IGA) annual conference by Belron US executive vice president Tom Feeney, who told attendees the company doesn't intend to seek AGRSS registration as the company doesn't support a third-party validation program. (CLICK HERE for related story.)

"We think it is important to note that Safelite supports the efforts of AGRSS to establish industry standards," Cain says. "After assessing the AGRSS Standard as it is today, we believe that our own training and certification program, SafeTech, takes the standard adopted by AGRSS to a higher level. We do not feel the AGRSS Standard goes far enough because it doesn't, for example, require background checks and drug testing of technicians."

Cain says that the company plans to begin its own field assessment in 2008.

"In addition, we have been working to raise the bar even higher, and in 2008 we are starting our own technician field assessment that will audit our installers on proper windshield repair and replacement practices. This is something that Belron does worldwide," she says.

With regard to Feeney's statement regarding third-party validation, Cain says Belron US isn't against this entirely-as long as it's conducted properly and includes certain factors.

"We are not against independent audits as long as they are conducted by an objective, outside third party, but feel to be effective it must include technician level assessments and audits," she adds. "With that in mind, we feel that the AGRSS Standard as it stands today is duplicative to our current program. That is why it's unlikely we will become an AGRSS-registered company at this time. We are interested in becoming more involved on the AGRSS [Council] and hope to have someone from our senior leadership team [elected] to the board. This would allow us to work more closely in the future."

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