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Diamond Integration to be Completed by 2008, Cain Reports

The integration of Diamond Glass into Belron US is expected to be completed by the end of 2008, according to Belron US spokesperson Jenny Cain who said Belron US has been conducting meetings with Diamond associates in the last two weeks to update them on the progress.

"A meeting was held on Wednesday, July 23, with approximately 100 associates who work in the Diamond Glass corporate office in Kingston, Pa., and another meeting with approximately 65 contact center associates was held yesterday," Cain says. "In each meeting the associates were informed that the work they have been performing will be transitioned to the current Belron US corporate office in Columbus, Ohio. Their roles are being moved and/or consolidated to Columbus by the end of 2008."

As for when employees will find out whether their jobs will be moved, Cain says it varies by position.

"For some job functions, Belron US is providing at least 60 days of notice to associates about the movement of their work to the Columbus corporate headquarters," she says. "For other responsibilities, the time frame for the movement of the work is even longer. However, all corporate office and call center functions will be transferred by the end of the year."

Some will be re-located, both to Columbus and to other markets throughout the United States. Bill Cogswell, former president of Diamond Glass, will stay on with Belron US for the time being as a consultant.

"He will work primarily in Columbus, Ohio, at the Belron US corporate headquarters, and will continue in this capacity as needed," Cain says.

She adds, "All decisions are expected to be announced and implemented before the end of the year."

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