Boyd Group Income Fund Announces Inclusion in S&P/TSX SmallCap Index
September 20, 2011

Boyd Group Income Fund has been added to the S&P/TSX SmallCap Index, effective September 16. Standard and Poor's Canadian Index Operations announced this addition on September 9, following results of its annual review of the S&P/TSX SmallCap Index, according to a statement from Boyd.

"We are pleased with the addition of the Boyd Group Income Fund to the S&P/TSX SmallCap Index," says Brock Bulbuck, president and chief executive officer of the Boyd Group. "Our inclusion in this index is expected to further increase the Fund's exposure to a broader range of potential investors."

According to Boyd, the S&P/TSX SmallCap Index "serves the dual purpose of a benchmark as well as an investable index for the Canadian small cap market." The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) serves as the distributor of both real-time and historical data for this index.

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