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CARB Releases Draft of New Regulations; Removes Paints from Regulations
March 30, 2009

The California Air Resources Board has released the revised draft of its Cool Car Standards and Test Procedures. Though previously known as the "Cool Paints and Reflective Glazing Regulations," the latest draft now specifies only solar control requirements, and no longer addresses paint.

"Based on input from the automotive industry, paint, pigment suppliers, and comments from a public workshop held on March 12, ARB staff has determined that a clear path to achieve solar reflectivity for the darker colors has not yet been identified," says an announcement issued today by the CARB. "We are planning to address the paint-related portion of the proposal in a future regulatory action."

In addition, CARB has changed the basis of the glazing requirements. The original proposed glazing requirements originally were based on direct solar reflectance; the new proposal is based on a calculation of total solar transmission specification. (CLICK HERE for related story.)

"This metric more closely aligns with the proposal's goal of limiting solar transmission," reads the announcement from CARB.

The newest draft currently does not include any numeric values. The organization expects to include these in the final draft of the regulation, which is expected to be released in May.

Several news outlets have reported about ongoing rumors that the original Cool Paints regulations were designed to ban black cars. According to several reports, political commentator Rush Limbaugh even made mention of this on his daily news show. However, representatives from CARB have said this was not the intention of the regulations. (CLICK HERE for one such related story.)

CLICK HERE for full text of current draft of regulations.

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