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Supreme Court Decision Could Affect OEM Parts Industry

A U.S. Supreme Court decision made on April 30 could have implications for the non-OEM crash parts industry. In the case KSR International Co. v. Teleflex Inc. et al, the Supreme Court justices unanimously overturned an appellate court's decision and ruled that the test for determining if an invention is "obvious" (thus making it not patentable) is too rigid.

This could make it harder to obtain a patent for a "common-sense invention (like a bumper)," argues Jerry Marks in an article posted on

"I just don't understand why automakers would want to focus on the collision parts replacements business anyway," writes Marks. "It seems to me an automaker's mission is to design and build great personal transportation products."

News of the court's decision pushed Keystone's stock 7% higher and LKQ Corp.'s stock 2% higher.

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