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CT Attorney General Pledges to Get Anti-Steering Law Passed

Addressing the Auto Body Association of Connecticut at its annual meeting, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal pledged to get S.B. 739 passed, which would strengthen Connecticut's antisteering law.

He also said he plans take his message "throughout the Northeast" to his fellow attorneys general in other states, which earned him a standing ovation from those in attendance.

"We are going talk this fight to other states so those insurers that feel that they can confine the fire to Connecticut have another thing coming," he said. "We are getting a letter out to my colleagues, and we are going to make sure that they know in their sections of the general assembly they have a job to do." Blumenthal said, "I know how powerful these insurance companies are. I thank you for your courage to stay with it. To continue working to change this system is not only for your benefit, but for consumers."

He spoke of rights and respect for shops, as well as consumers. "The principle here ought to be for consumers: Your car, Your choice. You choose where you want to take it. No insurance company offering you deductibles...lack of guarantees, all the tactics that you see day in and day out. And, of course, you already know those tactics are against the law," he said, adding that the law must be clarified.

"I believe we can change that law to give the insurance department no latitude about honestly and effectively enforcing the law," he said. "I know what happens out there. I know it's true. And that is why I say enough is enough."

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