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Auto Glass Licensing Bill Currently on the Floor In CT House and Senate

A bill that would significantly increase penalties for performing unlicensed auto glass or flat glass work is currently on the floor in the Connecticut state House of Representatives, and the State Senate.

If passed, the bill would make any violations of the existing licensing law a class B misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $1000.00, six months in prison, or both. The bill would also allow for a probationary period of up to five years following any violations where restitution was mandated and the violator is unable to pay the restitution within a "normal probationary period."

The existing legislation defines unlicensed work thusly: (1) working without a license or apprentice permit; (2) willfully employing, or supplying for employment, someone who does not have a license or apprentice permit; (3) willfully pretending to qualify for a license or permit; (4) working after the expiration of a license or permit; or (5) violating any other provision of the licensing law.

CLICK HERE to view the full text of the bill.

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