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Connecticut Anti-Steering Bill Heads to Senate Floor for Vote

The Connecticut General Assembly has placed an anti-steering bill on the Senate's calendar for a vote (CLICK HERE for related story).

The bill, Senate Bill 288, is designed "to clarify and extend the present 'anti-steering' law that prohibits insurers from requiring an insured to choose a certain motor vehicle repairer as a condition of paying for repairs, and to require insurers to pay the usual and customary hourly rate that the general public in the same geographic area of the state commonly pays for such repairs."

If passed, the bill would amend the current law, adding the following underlined words to its text, and deleting the brackets below:

(b) No insurance company doing business in this state, or agent or adjuster for such company shall recommend, request or require any insured to use a specific person for the provision of automobile physical damage repairs, automobile glass replacement, glass repair service or glass products. [unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the insured.]

While a date for the vote has not been set, the bill has made it through both the Senate transportation committee and the judiciary committee, and is now in the hands of the full Senate.

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