Subscribe to glassBYTEs!™/AGRR Magazine Launches Free DOT Look-Up Service™/AGRR magazine has launched a search engine for DOT numbers for automotive glass manufacturers. Located at, the site allows users to search by DOT number for manufacturer, or vice versa. For example, one might selected DOT No. 20 from the dropdown menu, to find that Asahi Glass holds this particular DOT number. When available, more information on the company, such as location and website, are also available. Likewise, a user might choose Asahi from a dropdown menu, to find that the company holds DOT No. 20, etc.™/AGRR magazine publisher Debra Levy. "Our readers have advised us they often find themselves looking for this crucial information, and we wanted to provide a quick, easy source for them."

"Not only does the site provide a quick reference for DOT numbers-but it also provides a one-stop source for further information on manufacturers-from locations to websites. In many cases, this information is invaluable and hard to locate," she says.

Mitchell International, the parent company of National Auto Glass Specifications International, is sponsoring the site.

"Mitchell Glass is proud to sponsor the DOT look-up site," says James Patterson, director of glass product management, repair solutions, for Mitchell International. "As the publisher of the NAGS database, Mitchell Glass supports the creation of information and technology tools that improve quality, safety and consistency in the auto glass repair and replacement industry. As a member of the AGRSS Standards Committee, Mitchell believes this tool works side-by-side with the AGRSS requirement that the DOT number be recorded for every replacement. The creation of this DOT number lookup site is a welcome addition to the resources available to auto glass professionals."

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