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Diamond Motions to List Wage Claims at $0

In an effort to protect the privacy of its employees in its financial schedules submitted to the court, Diamond Glass has motioned for authorization to list employees' wage claims at $0, with the aggregate amount of employee wage claims included only. In addition, Diamond has filed a motion for an order shortening the time for notice of the hearing to consider this motion; the motion to shorten the time has been denied by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware, where the case is being reviewed.
According to the motion, Diamond officials feel this "is in the best interest of [their] estates and [their] creditors."

Diamond alleges that the claims have already been paid to employees, and "listing such claims in amounts that have already been paid pursuant to Court order would likely create unnecessary confusion for the Debtors' employees."

Likewise, the company notes that its employees are not privy to one another's salaries and wages. "Were the Debtors to list the individual amounts of each employee it would effectively reveal the salary and wages paid to each employee, possibly instigating employee dissention and morale issues," reads the motion. "It is important that the Debtors avoid such issues at this critical stage in their sale process."

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