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Taylor Calls on SAE to Extend Deadline for Comment by 60 Days

Cindy Rowe Auto Glass treasurer Dave Taylor has requested that SAE committee chair John Turnbull extend the deadline for comments on proposed SAE Z26 changes by 60 days. Taylor, who is also the treasurer of the National Windshield Repair Association and vice chair of the Repair of Laminated Auto Glass Standard (ROLAGS) committee, cites the fact that many letters are being returned to their senders by SAE's mailroom as a good reason to extend the deadline. "People may find that their letters were returned long after the Dec. 24th deadline and be unable to comment further without an extension," said Taylor. "We were exceedingly distressed to learn that the SAE mailroom did not recognize the name 'John Turnbull' and has returned comments to the senders. The ANSI process under which the Z26 committee operates requires openness and the ability for all interested parties to comment. Returning letters just days before the deadline does not achieve those objectives," he said.

"I repeat my request for a 60 day extension of the comment period. Until we are certain that all returned to sender comments have been resent and received by SAE, the deadline for comments should be extended, "said Taylor in a letter to Micheline Brussow of SAE. "The return to sender of properly addressed and timely mailed comments requires that the Standards Development Committee provide an extended opportunity to comment."

For the text of Taylor's comment letter, please CLICK HERE.

In other SAE news, AGRSS has released a comment on SAE Z26.1. CLICK HERE to read the response from AGRSS.

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