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Is FJ Cruiser Windshield Faulty?

Many in the industry are disputing the story covered on WJLA/ABC Channel 7's website yesterday regarding the possibility of faulty glass in the 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser (NAGS Part No. FW02652). While many note that they have replaced numerous windshields in Toyota FJ Cruisers and that the design is a bit different, most feel the damage has been caused by normal circumstances most likely.

Dave Hackett of Premier Auto Glass in Waukesha, Wis., notes that while many consumers may bring the vehicle in thinking nothing exterior has struck the windshield, often they don't realize the windshield has been hit-not just with the FJ Cruiser but with other vehicles as well.

"Ninety-nine percent of consumers have no clue how a tiny, tiny chip can cause a crack," Hackett says.
Neil Duffy of Auto Glass Menders in San Jose, Calif., does mention, however, that the glass design is different than most vehicles. "[It has a] very poor upright design," he says. "By the way [the windshields] break, I'd say they are glued to a rather unforgiving frame. I wish they would make the engineers or designers work on the vehicles they create."

Despite the unforgiving structure, though, Duffy adds that he's yet to see a broken FJ Cruiser windshield that hasn't been damaged by road debris. "I've replaced 11 of them and all have had stone damage. I do work for a very large Toyota dealership and have not replaced any under warranty for stress or even seen any under question," he said.

One AGRR Forum poster agrees with Duffy.

"We replace 10 to15 a month," writes the poster. "It has a very bad design, [and the] windshield is placed at a bad angle straight up and down. We have not had any problems with stress cracks.

A representative from Bob's Auto Glass in Lawrenceburg, Ky., says the shop has not yet replaced the FW02652.

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