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Gas Prices Reach $1.89 Average Nationally

Gas prices have lowered to an average of $1.89 per regular gallon, according to the latest reports from the Energy Information Administration (EIA), a division of the federal government. Prices are down .18 percent from last week's average of $2.07 nationally.

Regionally, prices are also down.

11/17/08 Average Per Regular Gallon 11/24/08 Average Per Regular Gallon Percent Change
East Coast $1.11 $1.95 -0.16
Midwest $1.93 $1.75 -0.18
Gulf Coast $1.96 $1.81 -0.15
Rocky Mountain $2.03 $1.85 -0.19
West Coast $2.36 $2.12 -0.24
United States $2.07 $1.89 -0.18

Source: Energy Information Administration

Despite the drops, which began in early October, a survey of auto glass companies revealed that business hasn't increased any in recent weeks and months-at least for the majority of shops. Seventy-seven percent of those surveyed say it has not increased, while 23 percent say it has.

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