GEICO Promotes Windshield Repair in Summer Newsletter
July 22, 2009

GEICO Insurance's summer newsletter, GEICO Connection, promotes windshield repair among policyholders and reminds them that the company waives deductibles for windshield repairs.

"Our customers are delighted that we offer windshield repair service to them at no charge," says John Little, an assistant vice president at GEICO, as quoted in the recent newsletter. "With comprehensive coverage on your policy, we waive the deductible for damage that can be repaired."

The newsletter goes on to note that chips must be smaller than a quarter to be repairable, and that cracks must be smaller than a dollar, under the company's policy.

Among the benefits of repair GEICO notes that it maintains the windshield's original factory seal, and is environmentally friendly.

"Because a layer of laminate is fused to the windshield glass, it's more difficult to recycle," reads the newsletter. "That can make the area around the windshield more prone to leaks, which can lead to additional problems."

Officials from GEICO had not responded to calls for comment at press time.

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