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GlasWeld Spreads "Green" Around Europe

Bend, Ore.-based GlasWeld is visiting its European distributors this week in The Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom to educate them on its own dedication to "green" and the National Windshield Repair Association's (NWRA) new Green Initiative. GlasWeld is one of a number of companies working with the National Windshield Repair Association to increase awareness among key audiences about the environmental benefits of glass repair. (CLICK HERE for related story.)

"With the rise of a more conscious consumer in the United States--people who are making choices that benefit the earth as a whole--we have a unique opportunity in glass repair to sell our services in a new way," says Mike Boyle, president of GlasWeld. "The more people we can educate, the better it is for the planet. While Europe has led the way with the green movement, I am excited to share with our distributors the headway that we are making on this issue in the United States glass industry."

In addition, GlasWeld is also presenting its new G3fusion Auto Glass Repair System, which utilizes its new ProVac G3 injector.

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