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GlasWeld Launches Online Repair Training Module

GlasWeld is launching an online windshield repair training module on February 2. The Bend, Ore.-based company held a media screening today as part of the launch.

"We believe that the vast majority of windshield repair equipment sold over the past 30 years has been delivered without proper training," says GlasWeld president Mike Boyle.

The training will be provided mainly online, and will be required of all new GlasWeld customers. Once the program is launched, technicians will be required to begin the online training prior to the shipping of the equipment.

The web-based program features video tutorials for each module, and each module includes an online quiz at the end. At the end of all of the modules, one large test is provided.

"We're using very good, close-up photography," Boyle says. " … All the videos are fast-forward, rewind, play, as many times as the student needs."

After completing the many training modules, which include the history of repair, science of repair, how glass breaks, the components of repair, maintenance and others, the technician will be shipped several actual broken glass samples. He/she will be required to repair the samples and ship it back to GlasWeld for review. The company will require 100 percent passage of all modules and the practical portion in order for a technician to continue with the equipment, and the results will be documented on the company's website.

"Our hope for the industry is that the insurance industry will then look to this and it will increase the credibility of the industry," Boyle says.

The company has conducted beta training of the program, and Boyle says the only issues have been participants with little computer experience and those with slower Internet connections, but both issues were resolvable.

Boyle says current customers also will be encouraged to participate.

"Our goal is to entice our entire customer base to participate," Boyle says. "We would like to see 100 percent of our users complete the process."

The system has been in the works for about a year, and Boyle says the company is in negotiations with two third-party administrators to provide the training to them for use in educating CSRs.

GlasWeld plans to add a flat glass module to the training program in the next 60 days, as currently, it only addresses laminated glass.

In addition, the company hopes the reach of the program will extend to other companies in the industry.

"We believe this is just the beginning," Boyle says.

CLICK HERE for a preview of the program.

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