"The Car Coach®" Features Glass America for October Car Care Month
October 21, 2011

Lauren Fix, the Car Coach®, has teamed up with Glass America for a national "Car Care Month" media tour this October. From local new stations, to talk shows, to nationally syndicated TV programs, Fix will be speaking about consumer issues such as automotive car care, repair and safety issues. Glass America will be featured in Fix's television appearances throughout the fall as she educates drivers from coast to coast.

A full list of the current media tour stops is available here.

Fix is an automotive and lifestyle expert who has appeared numerous times on Oprah, TODAY, The View, CNN, Fox News, ABC 20/20, HLN, TBS and many other programs coast to coast. She recently spoke at Auto Glass Week™.

Fix's educational outreach will include a focus on the windshield as a safety device, according to Glass America, and she will provide tips for drivers in need of windshield replacements.

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