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GlasWeld Takes Over Management of Glass Mechanix; Two Will Now Be Co-Located

Glass Mechanix, which previously was based in Eugene, Ore., has moved to Bend, Ore., where it will be co-located with and managed by GlasWeld Systems.

"We'll manage sales, product fulfillment and research and development for the company," says GlasWeld chief visionary officer and president Mike Boyle. "We'll be sharing facilities and resources."

As part of the move, GlasWeld has created a new division—GlasWeld Management Solutions (GMS)—and plans to manage other companies in the future in the same way.

With regard to the staff of the company, John Killand, a former principal of Glass Mechanix, is the only member of the staff that will continue to be involved in the operation, according to Boyle.

"We've brought in Don Gregor, and he and Chris Boyle will be heading up the operation," Boyle says. "We see it as a real good fit to have two different brands and product offerings."

As for changes that current customers can expect, Boyle says they're won't be any for GlasWeld customers; for Glass Mechanix customers, he says the main change will be in the type of service provided.

"We certainly want to improve the level of customer service that Glass Mechanix is able to offer with our staff," he adds.

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