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Glass Doctor® Targets Entrepreneurs in Rural America

Glass Doctor, the largest chain of full-service glass replacement providers in the nation, has announced a new franchise program to entrepreneurs in rural America.

The program, targeting rural areas with a population between 40,000 and 65,000, provides special pricing as an incentive to join the Glass Doctor franchise network.

The new program helps smaller businesses acquire an exclusive territory by allowing franchise owners in less populated rural areas to tighten their scope of service at a reduced rate per population. The special pricing allows the $220 per 1,000 population pricing for the initial franchise fee without regard to a minimum population for eligible locations. For example:

Population Franchise Fee
40,000 $8,800
45,000 $9,900
50,000 $11,000
55,000 $12,100
60,000 $13,200
65,000 $14,300

The program requires eligible locations be within the required population range and not have a city of 30,000 or more within the proposed territory, among other requirements.

"We see an opportunity to expand our services to areas beyond larger markets," Robert Tunmire, executive vice president of The Dwyer Group® (owner of Glass Doctor), said. "With this new program, rural entrepreneurs can continue to run their local business, yet be supported with a system and structure they've never had before which can in turn allow them to lead a happier, more balanced life."

Prior to the new program, the initial franchise fee for all franchise owners was $22,000 (minimum population of 100,000 per territory) plus $220 per 1,000 in population for additional territory. This new program creates an incentive for entrepreneurs who did not think they could join the franchise network because of the minimum population requirements.

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