Happy Halloween from glassBYTEs.com™

The sixth annual Key Communications Inc. Halloween Costume Contest was held today, but the decision of who wins the contest is in your hands. Many staffers of Key Communications Inc., publisher of glassBYTEs.com™/AGRR magazine, arrived to work in costume and it's up to our readers to select who will win.

The contenders are:

Vice president of industry services Holly Biller, who dressed as a black-eyed "P" with her newborn son in a pod;

Art director Dawn Campbell, who scurried around as a kitty cat;

Advertising coordinator Erin Harris, who made music as an Ipod Nano;

USGlass editor Megan Headley, who dressed as Professor Plum of CLUE fame;

Customer service assistant Katie Hodge, who flitted around as a ladybug;

Staff assistant editor Wendy M. Jozwiak, who roamed the halls as a bride of darkness;

Art director Marci Malinowski, who made a political statement with her popular "Joe the Plumber" costume;

Customer relations manager Janeen Mulligan, a frightening vampiress;

Contributing editor Brigid O'Leary and her son, were Princess Peaches and Mario, respectively, of Super Mario Brothers fame; and

glassBYTEs.com™/AGRR magazine editor Penny Stacey, who dressed as Hannah Montana.

Did you dress up for Halloween? Or did any of your family members? Please e-mail glassBYTEs.com™/AGRR magazine editor Penny Stacey at pstacey@glass.com so she can include these in a special blog on Monday, November 3.

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