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IGA Issues Cancellation Bulletin

The Independent Glass Association (IGA) has issued a Beacon advisory about an increase in "cancelled" jobs by competitor-administrators (CAs) for some of its member shops. According to the Beacon, issued this morning, July 31, many of the association's members have scheduled jobs, and then received cancellation notices via fax from CAs, without notice from the customer. In these cases, the Beacon says the shop usually follows up with the customer to find out why the job was cancelled, and the customer advises that he/she didn't know the job had been cancelled.

In addition, the IGA says other of its members have notified them of occurrences when a shop has filed an insurance claim for its customer during the scheduling of the work, and the customer later receives notification from the insurance company that it's sending it a mobile installer from another shop to do the work.

One representative from a third-party administrator, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal, said the above likely does occur—but that there probably is more to the story. For example, he noted that often a consumer might cancel a job because the mobile installer doesn't show up on time, or the installer arrives promptly, but the consumer doesn't care for his/her appearance, attitude, etc. Then, when the shop calls the customer to see why the job was cancelled, the consumer blames the insurer.

"You really have to understand who the caller was to understand the choice and the communication that occurred leading up to the change," said the TPA representative.

The IGA offers a number of suggestions to its members for avoiding cancellation issues; however, these were not available to the press.

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