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Senate Defeats Controversial Immigration Bill

by Penny Stacey

The Senate voted against advancing the immigration bill that has been under review this week this morning in Washington, D.C. If passed, the bill would have provided:

  • a way for illegal immigrants already living in the United States to become legal immigrants;
  • enhanced border security;
  • a temporary worker program with added labor protections; and
  • family-based immigration.

With the defeat of the bill, most say it is unlikely to be revived before this session of Congress ends; therefore, the next time the issue comes up it likely will be debated by a new Congress and president.

S. 1348, the "Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Reform Act of 2007," was introduced on June 18, 2007.

Despite the defeat, glass shops have mixed views as to whether the issue of immigration is one that affects the industry as a whole.

Dennis Haught, owner of Big D Glass and Auto Works in El Paso, Texas, said he feels immigration reform is needed-but the issue itself really doesn't have an impact on his business.

"Of course [immigration] affects us," he said, "but not business-wise."

John Davis, vice president of Canyon Glass, also in El Paso, says more than 80 percent of his workforce is composed of Mexican immigrants. Despite this, he feels immigration reform could be beneficial to the industry.

"I think it [immigration reform] would help the industry," David says. "The quality of work we have is fine, but the only bad thing is that we have a high turnover rate. The guys [immigrant workers] who are married, or have families, usually stay with us longer."

Penny Stacey is editor of™/AGRR magazine.

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