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Is There An Interlayer Shortage in the Glass Industry?

by Penny Stacey

Amidst reports that there is a shortage of PVB interlayer material in the glass industry, glassBYTES.comô/AGRR magazine interviewed several manufacturers and fabricators with mixed opinions.

One glass industry source said that there is a shortage, but that it's a shortage of raw materials used to make the interlayer.

Another source who wished to remain unidentified agreed, noting that with the raw material shortage, prices for the raw materials are rising, leading to companies ordering materials on an as-needed basis. That increases the lead time it takes to receive laminated glass, which could lead to the perception of a shortage.

Despite mixed opinions as to whether or not there is a shortage, Max Perilstein of Arch Aluminum, says his company, which fabricates glass, hasn't had an issue.

"So far we have not experienced any delays on our laminated supply nationwide," Perilstein said. "While there maybe some sort of shortages out there, we are confident that our purchasing group has done whatever they can to ensure that we don't miss a beat or affect our customers."

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Penny Stacey is the editor of glassBYTES.comô/AGRR magazine.

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