Auto Glass Installer Assists with Special Effects in "The Kingdom"

When the makers of "The Kingdom" realized the movie would be filled with different instances of broken glass, they called Auto Glass Solutions in Mesa, Ariz., to the rescue. Installer David Olson was on set for two weekends last summer assisting with filming of the movie, which stars Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman and was second at the box office last weekend.

"The special effects guys called us up looking for samples of some different types of glass," says Olson in an exclusive interview with glassBYTEs.comô/AGRR magazine.

"They asked if we'd done auto glass and we said 'yes,' and it took off from there." Olson says the special effects coordinators first tested glass supplied by Auto Glass Solutions to see how it would break. When it came to filming, Olson was on set for replacement work of a different sort.

"If the director didn't like the way a scene played out [in which auto glass was broken], I'd replace it, and then they'd re-shoot," he says.

In addition, Olson and some of his co-workers provided the glasswork for the set.

"We did four or five storefront entrances in that, along with doors and different types of glass work," he says.

He also replaced windows as needed when they were shot out in one of the scenes of the movie.

"There's a scene where someone drives through with a machine gun shooting out windows, and all those windows needed to be replaced," he says.

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