Marketing Know-How: From Internet to TV, IGA and NWRA Conference Attendees Received Handy Tips
November 13, 2009

Attendees of the Independent Glass Association and National Windshield Repair Association’s fall marketing conferences heard from such industry experts as Gerald Zwart of Clearview Windshields in Inwood, Iowa, and Mike Jones of GTS Services and Scott Orth of Scott Orth Inc. last week in Las Vegas.

Gerald "Dr. Chip" Zwart

Zwart spoke on television advertising and tips, while Orth focused on Internet marketing.

“If you have a catchy ad, people are going to talk about it,” said Zwart, who has grown his business exponentially by focusing on television ads in which he wears a white coat and has come to be known as “Dr. Chip.”

He noted that though Internet marketing is growing, it’s sometimes easier to reach a large number of people at once with television.

“TV is the only medium where you can reach large audiences watching the same thing at the same time,” he said.

Frequency is also a factor.

“It’s all about … how many times you hit the consumer,” he said.

And what about timing? Zwart discouraged attendees from placing rotating ads that might pop up throughout a certain time period, but on no specific schedule.

“I like to know when my ads are going to be on,” he said.

Zwart actually writes all of his own ads, and appears in them as well.

“Voice recognition does work,” he advised. “ … Don’t be afraid to be a little different.”

And for those who might not know the best time to advertise, Zwart provided a simple tip.

“When you’re busy, that’s the time of the year to advertise,” he said.

Going Online

Orth spoke on a variety of Internet marketing topics, from organic to pay-per-click strategies, and social media applications such as Facebook. He also talked about the necessity of a website in today’s market.

“It becomes more of a business need,” he said. “Customers expect a website.”

As for the website development itself, he stressed that it’s important to develop it in accordance with your potential customers’ needs.

“You’ve got to have something that speaks to the people you’re trying to reach,” he said.

He also suggested using various forms of media within the site, including video—perhaps a video of what will happen when a customer arrives at your shop.

As for sites like Twitter and Facebook, Orth suggested choosing one or two of the various outlets available and focusing on your presence.

“The more active you are on a couple profiles, the better off you’re be,” he said.

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