Glass Mechanix Launches New Scratch Mechanix Division for Glass Repair
September 25, 2009

Glass Mechanix has announced the launch of its new Scratch Mechanix division, which consists of experts in the glass restoration field who will consult, train and contract for solving glass damage issues anywhere in the world.

"For the new Scratch Mechanix team, we have collected the most experienced crew in the business - representing several decades of on-the-job experience," says Mike Boyle, president of Glass Mechanix. "Their expertise will allow them to evaluate the cause of glass damage for our clients, as well as provide on-site training and system operation to eliminate the damage problems."

According to the announcement, the Scratch Mechanix team members have:

  • Spent more than 30 combined years in the field and are glass "forensics" specialists;
  • Experienced nearly every type of glass damage issue, from scratches to welding slag;
  • Been instrumental in the research and development of leading scratch equipment and techniques for glass restoration; and
  • Worked on high-profile glass repair projects all around the world.

Traveling anywhere around the world, the new Scratch Mechanix division will provide clients with a complete evaluation of where, when and how the damage occurred as well as also on-site, hands-on training on the proper use of equipment.

As the Scratch Mechanix division grows, the company plans to extend its restoration services to other materials such as stainless steel and other metals.

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