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Montana Legislature Considers Auto Glass Pricing Law

The Montana Senate currently is reviewing a bill that would revise the state's insurance law on glass to use the average prevailing market price in insurance claims. The law, which applies to body shops as well, currently provides for insurance companies to abide by the lowest prevailing market price.

The bill passed the state's House on February 14 and was read in the Senate's Committee on Business, Labor and Economic Affairs for the first time this week.

If passed, the actual text of the law, which also deals with consumer choice for auto glass and auto body repairs, would be adapted to read as follows:

"Prevailing market price. For purposes of 33-18-221, and 33-18-223, and 33-18-224, 'prevailing market price' means the average market price in a local area. The prevailing market price may not be less than cost as provided in 30-14-209."

The bill originally was sponsored by Rep. Jon Sunju.

CLICK HERE for the full text of the bill.

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