Auto Glass Expo @ NACE Offers New Software Solutions, Mouldings, Adhesives and More
November 9, 2009

The Auto Glass Expo @ NACE, which wrapped up Saturday in Las Vegas, drew attendees from across the world hoping to find out about the newest products and services available to them—and they were in the right place. Several industry suppliers launched new products and services during the event.

Mitchell International introduced its GlassMate™ 6.0 and GlassMate Mobile, both of which will be available officially starting in January 2010. The system is designed with a feature called "Hot Spot Graphics," which will simplify the part selection process by allowing users to easily identify and add hardware parts associated with a glass replacement to the invoice with a single click of the mouse. The system also features Enhanced Parts Ordering, which allows users to use their Internet connections to link to major suppliers, look up pricing and verify availability in real time. Auto Notification alerts users of acknowledgements and assignments requiring their action, allowing them to keep each job moving.

Quest Software introduced its new WebQuoter solution, which can be tied into a retail shop's point-of-sale system to provide online quotes to customers.

"It was designed to query your suppliers and then add markup from your cost to provide quotes to your customers on the web," says company representative Rob Rust.

Customers also can then schedule the work online.

OE Tech™ displayed its full line of mouldings, which are now available in both single application and universal sizes. The company says the mouldings meet OEM specifications for fit and finish; contain no lead fillers; have a stabilizer bar for added support; are PVC based; and resist shrinking or fading. In addition, the universal mouldings are available in 100-feet rolls.

OETech also featured its line of adhesives, including OETech1, a high-modulus-low-conductive one-hour urethane; OETech2, a three-hour high-viscosity urethane; and OETech3+ and OETechh+, both of which are six-hour medium-viscosity urethanes. OETech1 and OETech2 are packaged in PROkits; including 24 tubes or sausages of urethane, one bottle of combo primer, urethane nozzles and batch stickers. OETech3+ and OETechh+ are available in cases of 12; they come with nozzles and batch stickers with primers and activators sold separately. OETech3+ is available in sausages and cartridges, while OETechh+ is available in cartridges.

GlasWeld's new president, Dennis Garbutt, was on-hand, and the company provided demonstrations of its scratch removal system throughout the event.

AEGIS Tools International featured its QuikSilver Technology™ repair system, which is designed so that technicians can complete windshield repairs in as little as five minutes. The system uses a dry vacuum to remove moisture and debris from a break, along with a gauged pump so that the technician can verify when an adequate vacuum is achieved. When the injector is lowered into position, air is unable to re-enter the break, so it fills quickly and completely with repair resin.

The HX1000 Heat X-Changer from Delta Kits Inc. works as a heat sink, removing heat from the glass and transferring it into the tool. The heater is equipped with specially designed radial cooling fins that allow the heat to dissipate rapidly so the tool heats slowly and cools quickly after use. The HX1000 has a 2-inch surface diameter, is made from anodized 7075 T6 aircraft aluminum alloy, and is only 6.3 ounces, making it ergonomically friendly at well.

The Extractor PROV28 Milwaukee is Crystal Glass's newest option for those looking for rugged performance and strength. The tool has 40 to 50 percent more power than the company's 18-volt tool, and its battery will run twice as long as conventional tools. In addition, the PROV28 Milwaukee is equipped a battery fuel gauge and comes with two Lithium batteries in each kit.

A.N. Designs displayed its UltraWiz UltraThin Paint Protection Blades (51C1, 2, 3 and 4 Series), which are ready to use right from the package. The blades are coated with a special resilient, durable coating, designed to reduce the risk of scratches and paint damage while cutting out windshields with exposed pinchwelds. Because the coated shank is narrow, the blade can maneuver easily around tight radius corners without damaging paint, according to the company.

Induction Innovations featured its Inductor® Glass Blaster tool, which designed to remove a backlite in less than 10 minutes and a quarter-panel in less than three. The tool is designed with an ergonomic grip and offers a high-mount, molded-in strain relief to keep the cord from interfering with adjacent panels. It also features beveled edges so the magnetic fields can get close to the pinchweld on wide glass mouldings without collateral damage, according to the company.

Gold Glass Group's line of part-specific mouldings, which includes more than 700 windshield and backlite mouldings, was on display. In addition, the company offers more than 1,800 applications total.

The mouldings are manufactured from high-quality, virgin material compounds with a fit and finish that meets or exceeds OEM specifications, according to the company. The mouldings also come with an informative packaging system, with a label that includes part number, content listing, description and barcode.

Nelson Marketing showed attendees its new version of the Glass Bot removal tool, which is cordless and utilizes a Milwaukee Tools battery mounting system with an 18-volt NiCad battery. The company says the speed of the battery assists with a quick removal of the wire from the tool post-removal. The company also has introduced a flat glass wire removal system for commercial glazing, which it had on-hand for technicians that handle both.

EFTEC North America offered its newest glass cleaner, DINITROL® 582, which is designed to penetrate all glass contaminants, including oils and release agents. The company says the solution also is fast-drying and provides a clean, contaminant-free bonding area for primer applications (when used correctly).

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