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NAGS Winter Calculator Released; Shows Weighted Average Decrease in Price for Top 100 Most Popular Parts of .74 Percent

The National Auto Glass Specifications (NAGS) calculators for Winter 2008 are being shipped this week. The calculator notes that of all parts that were priced both in the last calculator and the current one, these had an overall weighted average decrease of 1.3 percent in price. (Parts are weighted according to popularity; i.e., more popular parts have a higher weight than those used less frequently used, in an effort to achieve a more accurate average than a blanket, overall average might show.)

For the top 100 parts, the weighted average decrease was .74 percent. For the top 500 parts, there was a weighted average decrease of .99 percent, and for the top 1,500 parts, there was a weighted average decrease of -1.20.

Bud Oliver, director of operations for NAGS, notes that itís important to note that for more popular parts, the change won't be as drastic, as there is more competition for the top-selling parts, and in many cases heavy competition tends to bring market prices lower. He also notes that while this data may not be an exact replica of every shopís data, the company utilizes the weighted average method, along with its reports on what parts are most frequently used, to achieve what Oliver says is as accurate as possible of an overview.

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