NGE Talks with Unnamed Glass Manufacturers and Insurers; No Contracts Yet

Jim Pruce, co-founder of the National Glass Exchange (NGE) in Trinidad, Colo., says the company is in talks with a number of unnamed suppliers, including glass manufacturers and insurers, but has not signed any contracts to date. NGE announced in late July that it has developed a warranty program to sell to insurance companies. If an insurance company purchases the warranty program, called "Road Guardian," it can then offer a warranty program to its policyholders at an increased premium. The insured would not have any deductible for glass claims that fall under the warranty program, as the insured's comprehensive insurance would be separate from the program. (CLICK HERE to read's story about the launch of the program.

"We are currently talking with two glass manufacturers, traditional insurance, e-commerce insurance, and several tier-two insurance companies, as well as car leasing companies," Pruce told™/AGRR magazine. "We are also in contact with several ad agencies who have contracts with the above mentioned channels."

Pruce adds that the company has several meetings scheduled both this month and during Auto Glass Week in Las Vegas in late October/early November.

Pruce adds that while many shops have been interested in the program NGE offers, it hasn't been able to officially sign any of them up for the service.

"We have had an avalanche of [inquiries] from the independent shops but have been putting them off until we sign the first contract," he says.

Pruce adds that he expects that once the program takes off, it could have a dramatic effect on the industry as a whole.

"This is not an ordinary offering, but an industry revolution as well as a long overdue evolution," he says.

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