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NWRA Promotes Sustainability of Repair at GreenBuild

Representatives from the National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA), including GlasWeld Systems chief visionary officer Mike Boyle and Glass Technology president Kerry Wanstrath, are exhibiting this week at the GreenBuild Show in Boston, promoting the green benefits of windshield repair.

Both Kerry Wanstrath (left) of Glass Technology and Mike Boyle (right) of GlasWeld Systems are representing the NWRA at GreenBuild this week.

"We're bringing [glass] repair to light for architects, and there are even quite a few glass manufacturers here as well who didn't know that this was available," says Boyle. "Repair really is a very green process in itself."

Despite the economy, Boyle says attendance is high-numbering around 10,000.

"I think you can tell by the attendance that the people here are successful and one of the reasons they're successful is that they've created sustainable businesses," Boyle adds.

Wanstrath says the show has been both educational-and a good experiment-for him.

"It's been educational. We're learning what sustainable building is all about and how flat glass and scratched glass restoration fits into the picture," he says. "Our company is kind of testing the waters here, and it's nice to see that there are tens of thousands of people here interested in sustainable building and the restoration process."

Wanstrath adds that most attendees are surprised that windshield/glass repair is available.

"They have no idea that the service even exists," he says.

Both Wanstrath and Boyle are providing repair demonstrations in the NWRA booth.

Patrick Smith, director of operations for the NWRA, is on-hand in the booth as well.

"We're here to promote the glass restoration field to attendees and exhibitors, letting them know that they should try to repair damaged glass before tossing it into the landfill," Smith says. "The sad thing is that most people we have met do not know that if a piece of glass is damaged it's repairable."

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