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Pricing Increases Abound

by Penny Stacey

In the wake of a number of price increases, most of which take effect Monday, July 30, glassBYTEs.comô/AGRR magazine has compiled all of the previously announced increases into a simple guide here for you.

With a list of price increases, industry members have mixed opinions as to how they will affect business.

Ian Graham of Windshield Solutions in Cloverdale, Va., says his business's pricing structure helps him maintain profits in the wake of increases such as these.

"The price increases have very little effect on my cash sales and my accounts because I price on a cost-plus basis," he says. "Therefore if my supplies increase, my quoted price increases as well."

Graham adds that insurance work also is a factor.

"I think the ones who get killed by price increases are the shops that have a very large percentage of insurance work," he says. "With the huge discounts insurance companies and TPAs receive off the NAGS pricing, 3- to 4-percent price increases can begin to put the squeeze on after a few years."

Following is an overview of the recent increases:


Date Increase Takes Effect

Percentage of Increase on Windshields

Percentage of Increase on Tempered Parts

Date Increase Was Announced

ACI Distribution July 30 4 percent 7 percent July 18
AG Distributors August 6 4 percent 7 percent July 23
Import Glass Corp. July 30 4 percent 7 percent July 18
Kryger Glass August 13 4 percent 7 percent July 26
Mygrant Glass Co. July 30 4 percent 7 percent July 13
PPG Industries July 30 4 percent 7 percent July 3
Service AutoGlass July 26 4 percent 7 percent July 11

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Penny Stacey is the editor of glassBYTEs.comô/AGRR magazine.


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