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Auto One Tech Goes the Extra Mile-to Remove Python from Vehicle

Mike Meyers, a technician with Auto One's Howell, Mich., location, recently made an interesting discovery when doing a favor for a customer. The customer, who was having a remote starter installed on her vehicle, asked if Meyers might also be able to remove the center console on her 2005 Chevrolet Silverado.

"It's an easy enough project to do," Meyers writes in the company's recent newsletter.

"Upon asking why she was looking to have the center console removed, the customer told me that her friend's snake had gotten loose and was coiled up under the center console," he says. "I removed all the seat bolts and gently pulled up center console. There it was-a 6-foot python curled up. The customer was happy, and I think the snake was pleased, too."

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