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A Rain-X Remover for Windshield Repair

Research has lead to the biggest break through in windshield repair in more than a decade. Through a joint effort, Ultra Bond and Glass Technology Inc., both located in Colorado, have created X-Phobic™, a hydrophobic coating remover (patent pending) for the removal of Rain-X and similar hydrophobic treatments. The X-Phobic product will allow windshield repair adhesives to bond to the glass, according to a press release by the two companies.

Without removal of Rain-X the windshield repair resin is blocked from the glass and the damaged glass cannot be repaired.

"Windshield repair technicians are losing hundreds of dollars a month until now," says Richard Campfield, President of Ultra Bond and co-developer of the product. X-Phobic is for all windshield repair technicians because it will also remove carwash wax, detergents, moisture and any other contaminants trapped within a break, according to the press release.

"This product dramatically expands the reparability of most stone damages and cracks because you never really know if a windshield has been treated since Rain-X is now in carwashes and windshield washer fluids. The bottom line is this product allows for more repairs to be made successfully," says Kerry Wanstrath of Glass Technology Inc.

X-Phobic is available exclusively through Ultra Bond Inc. (800/398-2663) or Glass Technology Inc. (800/441-4527).

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