Old School or New School: Analyzing Windshield Application Methods
February 6, 2013

by Kaitlan Mitchell, kmitchell@glass.com

It is a debate that most windshield technicians must take into consideration. Which is better, the traditional two-man set windshield installation or a technology-driven technique? Weighting the pros and cons of both methods can play an important role in running an AGRR shop more efficiently.

Two-man sets utilize two technicians to guide, hold and set auto glass for precision. According to industry experts, this method also helps to verify that the windshield is seated properly and does not leak.

For units located outside of the shop, two technicians can improve roadway safety. Acting as a co-pilot, the technician sitting in the passenger's seat can provide driving instructions. In addition, the second tech can better correspond with customers and the glass shop on the phone or by checking emails so the driver is not distracted. The team of two also has the ability to remember special tasks better than one tech on the job.

Not only that, but in certain instances one tech is not enough for windshield installations. The auto glass replacement of some larger vehicles requires a second technician because of the massive weight of the glass.
In comparison, an increased usage of mechanical installation devices is becoming more common. This type of equipment allows one tech to install windshields alone on traditional two-tech jobs. One advantage of utilizing windshield handling equipments is the prevention value from serious health aliments.

"The tool helps prevent work-related injuries, such as back, neck and shoulder strains, by supporting the windshield for the technician," says Caryn Birkhauser, operations manager for AEGIS.

According to Birkhauser, mechanical installers also increase productivity because it takes one technician to install a wider variety of windshields and the glass shop has more flexibility in scheduling installations when only one technician is needed.
A number of factors can come into play, including the staff size of the auto glass shop, the right people willing to learn the technology as well as the shop's budget size. It is important to analyze both methods to deem which application method is best for a particular repair and replacement shop.

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