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South Carolina Consumer Choice Bill Passes Hurdle

Yesterday, South Carolina bill S513 passed a vote by the full Senate Judiciary Committee and is now headed to the floor for a vote by the complete Senate.

The bill is going to the floor today for a second reading.

The proposed legislation passed the committee by a 15 to 6 vote, but it also is moving forward with two minority reports attached to it, which are, in essence, automatic objections that have to be removed before the legislation can be passed.

"It's not going to be easy," said Donna Freeman, who has served as a lobbyist for the bill. "We knew all along it wouldn't be.
But we have to find a way to get the objections removed and see if we have the votes to get the two-thirds of the senators we need to vote for it." The current legislative session ends June 1, but all bills have to be ready to be voted on by the middle of April, which is what is being worked on now, getting the legislation ready for the vote by that timeframe.

The bill would make it illegal in the state for an entity that does automotive repair work (including auto glass replacement) for insurance claims also to be a third-party administrator.

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