Safelite Launches Ad Program

Columbus, Ohio-base Safelite Glass Corp./Belron US has launched a radio advertising campaign throughout the country to build its brand. While glassBYTEs.comô/AGRR magazine has received reports that there has been an upswing in advertising, particularly in the Orlando, Charlotte, N.C., and St. Louis areas, Safelite/Belron US spokesperson Jenny Cain says this program is part of its ongoing effort to build its brand.

"Even prior to the Belron acquisition of Safelite, we had advertising strategies in place to build our brand," she says. "So, this campaign is part of our ongoing brand-building efforts. Belron has always been a proponent of building strong brands and has built the strongest auto glass brands across the world. So, this strategy is also in alignment with our parent company's philosophy of leveraging the strength of our brands to profitably grow our business."

Cain notes that the current program has a focus on radio and is running in various markets across the country.

"It is part of our regular, ongoing brand-building efforts," she says. "We do not want to disclose specifics because of the competitive nature of our business."

She also notes that so far, there has been a positive response.

"We are very pleased with the results," Cain says.

According to Tee Cambre of Lloyd's Auto Glass in Orlando, the program started in his area yesterday and is very apparent to both shops and consumers in the area.

"The frequency is unbelievable," Cambre says. "Radio spots are 30 seconds and they are hitting every radio station. They are stressing repair as the focal point of the ads but refer to the fact that they replace 2 million windshields a year."

He adds that he has also seen ads on television, both on regular networks and cable television.

"I have heard from several customers and friends asking, 'what's up?'" he says. "Competitors are also calling. I would think with them spending this much money it's got to influence every glass shop in the market."

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