Safelite Television Ad Campaign Kicks Off
October 5, 2009

Safelite Auto Glass kicked off its two-week television ad campaign yesterday, October 4. The company is running the ad on ten networks, including CBS, NBC, TNT, TBS and USA, according to company spokesperson Jenny Cain.

"We expect 75 percent of adults to see the commercial on average 12 times during the two-week campaign," Cain adds. "We are very pleased with the initial results."

The ad features Safelite technician Erik Schumacher of Des Moines, Iowa, and depicts Schumacher driving a vehicle with a tiny chip; as he describes the chip, and says it's made up of "a thousand microcracks," he hits a speed bump on the road and the chip becomes a longer crack.

"Now, if this were your car, of course Safelite would replace your windshield for you," says Schumacher in the ad. "But if you call us as soon as the chip appears, we can come to you and usually repair it, without replacing the windshield."

He continues, "We can inject our special resin, and in 30 minutes, the result's almost invisible, and the windshield's strong again."

Schumacher goes on to say that a "Safelite repair is about a fourth the cost of a new windshield."

"Plus, with most insurance plans, Safelite repair is no cost to you," adds the technician.

According to Mark Placenti, senior vice president of marketing and brand development, the ad campaign was developed in conjunction with parent company Belron. The ads were shot over three days in Columbus this past summer.

"We worked very closely with Safelite and Belron to ensure the ad was on strategy and was a realistic depiction of what happens when a small chip is ignored," says commercial director Ron Foth Jr. of Ron Foth Advertising, Safelite's U.S.-based advertising agency. "We also looked for neighborhoods that could represent 'Anytown USA.' It could be California; it could be Vermont."

The ads are scheduled to run for two weeks, and, after evaluating the results, the company will decide whether to continue their presence in 2010 (CLICK HERE for related story.)

Click on the video below to view the commercial in full.

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