One Year Later: Sexual Harassment Suit Continues, Mediation a Possibility
August 19, 2011

It has been one year this month since the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a sexual harassment suit against Safelite based on allegations made by a former employee of its Enfield, N.C., facility. As the year mark has passed, the plaintiffs, which now include the former employee, Lee Laraviere-Steele and her husband, Darrell, have now joined together with the defendants to agree one on at least one item—that more time for discovery is needed.

A joint motion was filed yesterday by all the parties in the case, which includes Gregory Byrd, Laraviere-Steele's former supervisor at the company, yesterday, saying that all of the parties met on July 20 and "conferred about the discovery and mediation of this case."

"At the meeting, the parties discussed the deposition schedule and the availability of material witnesses," reads the joint motion. "Counsel for all parties agreed that additional time for discovery is necessary in order to schedule depositions for all material witnesses to this case."

Likewise, the parties say they anticipate scheduling mediation around October 27, and that a movement of the "dispositive motions deadline to November 21, 2011, will enable the parties to engage in meaningful discussions at mediation to determine if resolution to this matter is possible."

The EEOC filed the suit on August 6, 2010, and Laraviere-Steele and Steele were added as plaintiffs earlier this year. Laraviere-Steele alleges that "Safelite and Byrd discriminated against [her] by subjecting her to a sexually hostile work environment because of her sex, and by discharging [her] in retaliation for complaining about her sexually hostile work environment." She also claims that the company and Byrd "intentionally and/or negligently inflicted emotional distress upon Laraviere-Steele throughout the foregoing acts." Steele claims he suffered "loss of consortium" as a result of the alleged events.

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