Safelite Representative Appears on Lifetime Special to Discuss Importance of Windshields
September 23, 2011

An Atlanta-based area sales manager for Safelite AutoGlass appeared on Lifetime's "The Balancing Act" this morning as part of a series on car care and safety. The segment focuses on the role a windshield plays in a vehicle's structural integrity and also features Safelite's Kim Lewis, an Atlanta-based area sales manager, discussing windshield repair and how it works.

"The main thing to remember is that your windshield is a really important safety component of your vehicle. It's what keeps you inside the vehicle," says Lewis in the segment, which is available online. "If you were involved a rollover crash, it actually supports the roof's structure to keep that from caving in on you. It also is what allows your passenger side airbag to deploy properly to keep your passengers safe."

She also provides the following warning regarding chips in a windshield.

"A chip is a thousand little tiny micro-cracks, and this can run at any time, and if that happens while you are driving your vehicle that can be very distracting," says Lewis, who adds that cracks might spread due to extreme temperatures, or hitting speed bumps or potholes.

Lewis warned the show's host, Kristy Villa, that windshield chips should not be ignored.

"If you do have a chip, you definitely don't want to ignore it," said Lewis. "Damaged glass is actually 60 to 70 percent weaker than undamaged glass."

She added, "A windshield repair is not a cosmetic fix-it's to restore the structural integrity to the windshield and to keep it from cracking out any further."

Lewis also talked with Villa about what she thinks consumers should look for in an auto glass company.

"If you're looking for a vehicle glass specialist you want to check out their reputation-see what kind of customer service they offer," she said. "At Safelite we offer a customer pledge. This means we'll give our customers a safe, high-quality windshield replacement and we are going to come to you so you don't have to worry about taking the vehicle into a shop."

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