Yes, There Is No Labor

In response to yesterday's item about Safeway Insurance, the following message was posted on the AGRR message boards:

"If I read this right, They are saying exactly what shops need. Go with NAGS all the way. Full list, full kits, full mldgs, and their wording says INSTALLATION of glass! Installation means to me what it takes to put it in, w/s don't put themselves in so it must mean LABOR. I see it as a good sign they are not trying to tell us what we can charge for labor. This should mean our "reasonable" shop rates! A call to them might help clarify this. There is NO WAY anyone can expect to put in w/s for nothing! If it is truely a "NO PAY" for installation then yes I agree who would want to work for NOTHING!"

Unfortunately, Safeway is not paying a separate fee for installation labor. A phone call to the company had confirmed that it is paying the NAGS list and that is all-inclusive: glass, labor and materials.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first O&A issued for the new NAGS list price that does not have a separate payment for labor.

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