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Scam Continues Unabated in Glass Industry

Glass shops across the country are continuing to report being on the receiving end of phone calls and emails related to the scam that has been plaguing the industry for more nearly six months. Suzan with Clear View Auto Glass in Pittsburgh, Pa., forwarded the most recent email correspondence she received of this nature.

Sent from an email address listed with the free, Internet based email server hotmail, the message purportedly came from Shirley Swanson, requesting information on the purchase of 50 pieces of 30- x 30-, ¼-inch glass with a polished edge. The email also included an inquiry as to the forms of payment the glass company accepts and indicated that the glass was needed for tabletops at a church in Alaska.

Though the number of shops reporting calls and emails to has dwindled, the scam has not yet run its course.

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