Alleged Windshield Replacement Scam Taking Place in Cape Coral, Fla.
August 26, 2009

An NBC News affiliate in Cape Coral, Fla., recently ran a report about an alleged windshield replacement scam taking place in local neighborhoods (CLICK HERE for story). In the alleged scam, associates claiming to be with a company called Coast to Coast Insurance have been going to door to door in a Cape Coral neighborhood advising residents they needed their windshields replaced, advising the windshields might not function properly in an accident.

The associates claimed to be insurance brokers and allegedly told targeted customers that, if they paid cash for the windshield replacement, their insurance companies would reimburse them later. NBC reports that the associates were carrying binders with the logo of a local insurance company, Coast to Coast Insurance.

Coast to Coast Insurance has denied any involvement in the case, and officials at the company declined to speak on the record with™/AGRR magazine, citing the ongoing investigation.

Jennifer Hirsch, a spokesperson for Florida’s insurance fraud division, advised™/AGRR magazine that she could not confirm or deny whether any type of investigation was open into the issue.

In addition to the Coast to Coast Insurance based in Cape Coral, there also is an auto glass company called Coast to Coast Auto Glass in Scottsdale, Ariz., with locations in Florida. Company manager Rhonda Jacobson told™/AGRR magazine today that though the company is aware of the alleged scam, she does not believe it to be associated with her company, which employs independent auto glass contractors throughout the country.

“We have heard about it, but it’s no in relation to our company,” said Jacobson. “Our company did not collect any money at the door. We do go door-to-door, but we do not collect money.”

She added that though no one has been caught in the scam, as far as she is aware, Coast to Coast Auto Glass officials “do not believe these are [their] associates.”

Jacobson noted that its door-to-door policy is to canvas an area and look for windshield damage.

“[Our independent contractors will] touch base with customers and then move on if there’s no windshield damage,” she said.

Jacobson added that if windshield damage is found, no funds are exchanged on site.

“We do not collect payment of any kind at the door,” she said.

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