Smale Addresses Industry Associates

Dear Industry Friends,

I wanted to give you a heads-up prior to an industry announcement by the IGA that will come out soon. Jenna and I are transitioning from managing the Independent Glass Association (IGA), effective the end of June.

I have always believed that association managers should serve for a season, doing all they can to serve members and the industry, then move on when it's in the best interest of the association and the managers to do so. We hope that our legacy is one of hope, leadership, and a solid foundation from which to continue to serve the industry. We have strived to serve you with honesty and integrity, knowing that we are called to a mission far more important in a spiritual sense than merely performing a job. We trust that our working relationship with you has reflected this intent.

When we came into the IGA 5 1/2 years ago, it was a struggling association with limited financial resources, though the foundation was already laid with a strong membership base. We felt that we accomplished the mission set before us by the IGA board to develop and launch programs and services, a first-class industry annual convention, and become a respected, professional voice for independents. Though we have not always agreed with the direction of the IGA board, we have served them with loyalty and respect, and tried to bridge the gap that sometime exists between personal feelings by managers and direction by a board. In the end, the board has to do what it feels is the proper course of action, and we know that our future lies elsewhere.

The IGA board has determined that drastic measures are needed to help the independent glass shop owner survive. The IGA board is undertaking a national federal lawsuit against a glass claims handling network and we have mutually agreed with the board to resign and allow another management team to take over the IGA. Our skill set is better used in a business sense, and now that the primary role the IGA is playing in the industry is one of raising funds to file a lawsuit, we feel that a new management team can better serve the association.

The new management team consists of Marc Anderson, former IGA board vice-president, and Sue Johnson, his associate in their former glass business, All Glass of MN. Their contact information is listed below, and you can begin immediately working directly with them regarding IGA matters.

Our jobs with the IGA end shortly and we will no longer be using our and e-mail addresses. For the time being, you can contact us at Our near term future will be one of spending time with family and friends, and we'll be in southern California at least for another year until my daughter is in college. Longer term, Jenna is excited to dedicate herself to her real work passion - making jewelry. I am considering the purchase of AmeriGlass, Inc. from the IGA, and developing an online purchasing application for the entire industry, not just limited to IGA members. If you have any thoughts you'd like to share in this regard, I'd be very interested to hear from you. I also have some interest in consulting in areas that match my strengths to needs that exist, or other pursuits that provide measurable results in a challenging environment.

I have appreciated our working and personal relationship, and hope that our paths cross once again.

Your friend,

Tim Smale

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