Tips of the Trade: How to Diversify, Market Your Business

Want to expand your business and diversify your product line? Want to learn how to attract business without the need of an exorbitant advertising fund? The Independent Glass Association's (IGA) Independents Days Conference will have plenty of answers for you. John Hennessy of Crystal Clear Window Works will give a presentation on what it takes to diversify your business. A lot of auto glass companies are taking on new products and services. Hennessy will help his audience understand what goes into the decision to make such a move and how to determine if doing so is financially advantageous to your business.

Jamie Glazebrook of Coach Glass follows Hennssey with his presentation that will help glass shops owners attract business without breaking the bank to advertise. Glazebrook's seminar includes suggestions to help you grow your business into one where your customers do your advertising for you-and how to get your company to be the name on everyone's lips as the word spreads by word of mouth.

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